Empowering Water Users:

Our Cooperative Approach for Mutual Benefit

The Tshiping Water User Association (TWUA) is a cooperative association of individual water users who wish to undertake water related activities for their mutual benefit. The specific nature of the service that the TWUA provides is captured within the Constitution and the Business Plan of the TWUA.

As the name suggests, the water user association is an institution that serves its members. Because member (Water Users) needs were identified, the TWUA was established (Government Gazette: Dated 22 February 2008) in response to the aspirations of its members. That is, its design conforms to their specifications. A TWUA was established for a range of activities and upon establishment the TWUA is carrying out its principal functions as contained in the constitution.

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Sustainable Water Resource Management

The management of water resources within the operational area of the TWUA in such a way that the sustainable use of water resources is ensured to the benefit of the ecology and all water users in the area.

In order to accomplish communication between and involvement of all stakeholder groups in the management of water resources within the area of operation that will result in a dynamic WUA to ensure a professional and informed decision making process.

The establishment of a Tshiping Water User Association (TWUA) in this area was preceded by the “Kathu Bos Forum” which comprised of all stakeholder groups that benefit from the water resources in the area. This forum focused mainly on the D41J Catchment. The D73A Catchment, which includes the areas of Postmasburg and Olifantshoek, were also included with the establishment of the TWUA. The establishment of the TWUA was in consequence of this “Kathu Bos Forum” and was initiated by Commercial Agriculture as well as the mining sector due to the fact that the dewatering practices by the mining sector might impact negatively on current and future availability of water with specific reference to the Schedule 1 water uses in the area

The objectives of the Association within the area of operation are

  • Monitor and control the use of water from and on all water sources in the area of operation
  • In general see to it that persons/organisations use and abstract water in accordance with water use authorisations as provided for in Sections 22(1) and 32 (1) (a) of the Act
  • To exercise cost accounting from the user and/or user groups
  • To promote cooperation with neighbouring Water User Associations or private individual water users


For a full overview of the Tshiping Water User Association, please refer to the Documents Library section of our site.